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Do Not Take Chances With Your Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime, you cannot afford to take chances when choosing your lawyer. Your choice of attorney could determine the quality of your life for years to come.

When so much is riding on the commitment and quality of your criminal defense, you need an attorney with the skill and experience necessary to get the best possible result.

At Aronson, Fineman & Davis Co., L.P.A., we strive to protect the rights of clients who have been charged with crimes. Since 1935, our law firm has been defending individuals in Columbiana, Jefferson and Mahoning counties.

How We Can Help You

We have obtained successful results for clients in a wide variety of cases, including:

  • Drug charges
  • Motor-vehicle offenses
  • DWI and OVI
  • Driving under license suspension
  • Juvenile offenses

In criminal defense cases, the smallest of details can determine the outcome. That is why we scrutinize every element of the government’s case against you. We obsess over the details because they are so important.

Our Commitment To Trial

What is the most important skill for a criminal defense attorney? Negotiation skills are near the top. The majority of criminal cases settle out of court, and you benefit from our ability to negotiate effectively with the prosecution.

We prepare each case as if it will go to trial, however, and we have no fear of taking a case all the way to the courtroom.

With our years of experience based in East Liverpool, our clients also benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the legal landscape in Columbiana and Mahoning counties. This includes judges, prosecutors, law enforcement personnel and other attorneys.

What Are Your Best-Case And Worst-Case Scenarios?

At Aronson, Fineman & Davis, we pride ourselves on being honest and upfront with our criminal defense clients. In your first meeting with us, we gather every possible detail from your situation.

From there, we will be able to establish expectations. We will explain the legal options available, including best-case and worst-case scenarios. Then we will construct a legal strategy that is built to get the best possible outcome.

How To Contact Us

Our attorneys defend individuals in Columbiana, Jefferson and Mahoning counties. Call our office today at 330-984-4077 or contact us online.